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Transport Network?
The test frame is a data packet that is used to test the connectivity status of the network on the SDH side that transmits Ethernet services. The test frame is mainly used for commissioning Ethernet services or locating Ethernet service faults. Configuration of test frames does not affect services.
The test frame function complies with the Huawei internal standard, and can be transmitted and received only between VCTRUNK ports.
Basic Concepts
To ensure the normal use of test frames, the bearer modes of the interconnected boards must be the same.
Bearer Modes
The bearer mode indicates the encapsulation format of a test frame. Different bearer modes correspond to different test frames. If the bearer mode of the received test frame is different from the bearing mode at the receive end, the test frame is discarded directly, without being processed. Take the N4EFS0 of version V100R008 for example, it supports two bearer modes: Ethernet and GFP.
A packet using the Ethernet bearer mode adopts the format of an Ethernet packet. The transmission path of a packet that is constructed by the CPU is the same as that of a normal Ethernet packet.
A packet using the GFP bearer mode adopts the format of a GFP frame, and the transmission path is the same as that of a GFP frame.
If a VCTRUNK port using the Ethernet mode receives a test frame in GFP format, the port does not process the test frame.
Transmit Mode
The transmit mode is available in three types:?Continue,?Burst, and?Disable.
The?Continue?mode indicates that test frames are continuously transmitted, approximately one per second.
The?Burst?mode indicates a burst test. A specified number of test frames are transmitted at an interval of approximately one second.
The?Disable?mode indicates that transmitting test frames is disabled.
The transmit direction is in the SDH direction only.

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