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Latch Type Hall Sensor?AH4158

Latch Type Hall Sensor?AH4158

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  • Latch Type Hall Sensor?AH4158

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Latch Type Hall Sensor?AH4158
Hall Sensor
Hall Switch
Rated working voltage 4.5 V ~ 24 V, the limit voltages as low as 3.5 V;
Operating temperature range: -55℃ ~ 150℃;
Rated output current (sink) : 300 mA, it can directy drive the coils of DC motor (Fan );
Special design make the sensor owns imunity to logic race condition, short switch time and good switch sensitivity;
No mechanical contact, no spark, switch signal stability, no shaking moment, high reliability and safety;
Products meet the EU RoHS instruction 2011/65 / EU and REACH regulations 1907/2006 / EU requirements.
AH4158 Hall Sensor is a kind of unipolar field excitation two ends complementary output switch type Hall IC. Complementary output Hall sensor is particularly suitable for double coil DC motor, double coil DC fan, speed measurement and rotation control. The sensor chip intergrated bandgap reference voltage source, Hall voltage generator, signal amplifier, hysteresis controller, reverse voltage protection diode, and two way complementary output open collector output driver which sink current reaches 300mA and so on circuit unit. Excellent bandgap reference voltage source ensures the sensor can keep concordant sensitivity in a wide temperature range. Reverse voltage protection diode can avoid reverse power failure.

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