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ML31 is a high quality biological microscope comparable with Olympus CX23

ML31 is a high quality biological microscope comparable with Olympus CX23

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : CE,FCC,IOS
  • FOB Port : guangzhou
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : box
  • Supply Capability : 1000
  • Delivery Time : 10
  • ML31 is a high quality biological microscope comparable with Olympus CX23

Product Features

Optical system

Infinity optical system

Observation head

Trinocular,inclination of 30°, interpupillary distance 48mm-75mm


Wide field view WF10X / FN.22mm , high eyepoint


Quadruple backward


Infinity plan achromatic 4X0.1 ,10X/0.25 ,40X/0.60 ,100X/1.25 (oil)


Abbey condenser NA1.25


Coaxial coarse and fine with limit and locking devices, low coaxial focus adjusting handle, fine adjusting handle scale value 0.001mm,

coarse focusing circle range 40.0mm, fine focusing circle range 0.2mm, focusing moving range 24mm


Double layer mechanical stage, graphite surface size 210×140mm,moving range 76mm×50mm

Transmitted light

white LED ,brightness adjustable

Power line

International standard

Digital adapter

0.5X C-mount adapter

Optional accessories

Observation head

Binocular head,inclination of 30° interpupillary distance 48mm-75mm


Wide field WF16X/F.N.15mm

Wide field WF20X/F.N.12mm

Wide field WF10X/F.N. 22mm


Quintuple backward

Product Specifications

Biological microscope ML31

The MSHOT ML31 biological microscope gains a positive feeback from many medical and educational areas offer superior optical performance with excellent cost-effciency. It improves objective flatness and clarity with high contrast and big field of view, bring microscope users high efficency laboratory work. The illumination employs a cold LED light for high bright image, also with long working life. Rigid and durable constructure makes the microscope maintain high performance even after long using time. More with 0.5X C-mount adapter for user to connect digital camera freely, mostly reproduce equal image in eyepiece.


Adopt infinity optical system.
Binocular and trinocular head are optional.
Takes use of high contrast plan achromatic objectives.
Light source cover is detachable.
0.001mm minimum accuracy fine and coarse focusing.
High eye point eyepiece with diopter.
Internal 0.5X c-mount adapter.

Advantages & Benefits

Infinity optical system can upgrade to achieve bright field, dark field and phase contrast compound micro observation purchase.
High contrast plan achromatic objective 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x, field of view 25mm.
Wide field high eyepoint eyepiece, 10X, field of view 22mm, both eyepieces can adjust dioptric.
International standard total magnification 40X~1000X.
Accuracy Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment.
0.5X C-mount adapter for high quality camera to output most equal image with microscope.
Mechanical moving stage, size 210x140mm, moving range 76x50mm
High bright cold LED light illumination offers high clarity view and long working life.

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