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High efficiency spindle motor

High efficiency spindle motor

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  • High efficiency spindle motor

Product Features

From saving energy and protecting environment, high-efficiency motor is the current international development trend. The United States, Canada and Europe have promulgated relevant laws and regulations successively. Europe according to the motor running time, formulated by the CEMEP standard, the efficiency is divided into EFF1 (highest), EFF2, EFF3 (minimum) three grades, from 2003-2006 years step by step implementation. The latest IEC 60034-30 standard will be divided into motor efficiency IE1 (corresponding to eff2), IE2 (corresponding to eff1), IE3, IE4 (highest) four grades. Our country promises to execute IE2 and above standards from July 1, 2012.

The Principal Activities of Yuanzhong

Custom metal stamping and stator and rotor lamination to serve the global market.

High efficiency motor core

1.Product Description

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stator and rotor stack


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