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Silicon Carbide Lumps Second Grade 88/90

Silicon Carbide Lumps Second Grade 88/90

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  • Silicon Carbide Lumps Second Grade 88/90

Product Features

carbide has three major application areas, namely: functional ceramics,
advanced refractory materials, abrasive and metallurgical raw materials. SiC
coarse material has been able to supply large quantities, can not be
considered high-tech products, and high technology content of nano-SiC
powder can not form a short time scale economies of scale. [3]
? as abrasive, can be used to make abrasive, such as grinding wheel, Whetstone, grinding head, sand tile and so on.

? as a metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature materials.

? high purity single crystal, can be used in the manufacture of semiconductors, manufacturing silicon carbide fibers.
The main purpose: for 3-12 inch monocrystalline, polycrystalline silicon, potassium arsenide, quartz crystal wire cutting. Solar photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry, piezoelectric crystal industry, engineering materials.
semiconductor, lightning rod, circuit components, high temperature
applications, UV detectors, structural materials, astronomy, disc
brakes, clutch, diesel particulate filter, filament pyrometer, ceramic
film, cutting tools, heating elements, nuclear fuel , Jewelry, steel, protective gear, catalyst carrier and other fields.


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