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RS232/RS485 to WiFi Converter, Wireless Serial Server

RS232/RS485 to WiFi Converter, Wireless Serial Server

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  • RS232/RS485 to WiFi Converter, Wireless Serial Server

Product Features

USR-W600 is a cost-effictive RS232/RS485 to WiFi converter. This product provides stable wireless data transmission in the industrial field where needs wireless connection.

Working voltage: DC 5~36V
RS232/RS485 to WiFi

1. Electricity field

To realize the control center data real-time transmission.
Low support for 485 communication, to improve anti-jamming and isolation.
High cost-effective, large-scale application can reduce the overall project costs.
2. Agricultural field

Monitoring the situation in the greenhouse,such as utilization rate about water resources, fertilizers and so on.
To obtain farmland information and monitor sudden natural disasters, then to carry out standardized control measures.
Fully automated operation without human intervention, saving manpower and achieving the precise control of agriculture.
3. Wireless meter reading

Supports SSL, HTTPS function, to make data transsfer more secturity.
Remote monitoring meter reading data, saving manpower and resources, and to facilitate the sudden response measures.
To collect data quickly in the monitoring and management platform, and to facilitate the city electricity management.

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