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Serial WIFI Converter, RS232 RS485 to WiFi and Ethernet converter

Serial WIFI Converter, RS232 RS485 to WiFi and Ethernet converter

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  • Serial WIFI Converter, RS232 RS485 to WiFi and Ethernet converter

Product Features

Introduction of Serial WIFI Converter

USR-WIFI232-610-V2 is a wireless serial WIFI converter, which is used for project of RS232/RS485 serial equipment to WIFI or Ethernet networking. It can be controlled by mobile phone or laptops, also can be connected to the remote server.
Features of Serial WIFI Converter

Hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) RS232 interface, male mouth(needle) consistent with computer pin definition
DC5~18V wide voltage input, can provide 2A current MP1482DS DCDC power supply chip, keep system reliability.
RS232 RS485 automatic switching
RJ45 network connection, support wired Ethernet transmission
Reload button, do not worry incorrect settings (in working status, press the button 3-5s then it load to default settings and automatic restart)
Rich status indicator light: Power Ready Link RXD TXD
Support IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless standards
Support TCP/IP/UDP network protocols
Support RS232 RS384 data interface
Support work as STA/AP/AP+STA mode
Support router/bridge Mode networking
Support external antenna
Support transparent transmission mode
Support AT+ instruction set for configuration
Support friendly web configuration page
Support palmodic signal
Single 5-18V power supply
Small size: 84 x 84x25mm
FCC/CE/RoHS/TELEC certificated

Function comparison of Serial WIFI Converter

Wireless Device Servers
Application Field of Serial WIFI Converter

Serial RS232/RS485 to Wifi or Ethernet
WiFi remote control and monitoring, TCP/IP and WiFi coprocessor
WiFi remote control toy such as aircraft and cars
WiFi Internet radio, camera, digital photo frame
Medical instrument, data acquisition, handheld device
WiFi fatness testing machine, smart card terminal, Smart Home
Instrument, equipment parameter monitoring, wireless POS machine
Modern agriculture, military field and other wireless related secondary development applications

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