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Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Target Markets: Hans tool for Hardware shop, Aviation/ Car/ Truck/ Crane/ Shovels/ Dozers/ Excavators/ Graders/ Dump trucks/ Wheel loaders; Marine Repair; Petrol-chemical/ field/ Gas, Defense, Water/ Telecom/ CATV/ Electric supplies & lines work, infrastructures, mining, Heavy duty Industries and agricultural machinery
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Exporter
  • Established date: 1973
7,9pcs screwdriver sets

7,9pcs screwdriver sets

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1Do you have bad experience with poor quality of screwdrivers? The poor material in the tip-end of screwdriver is very fragile and weak. Did you feel small design of grip in screwdriver always make you frustrated at working?
Hans’s screwdrivers are the best screwdrivers in the world. Large grip delivers maximum driving power, long-lasting tip-end secured-extreme torque and durability. Easy driver of Hans’s screwdrivers let you smile at working.

Hans Screwdrivers are made by SNCMVH, The material of SNCMVH tool that is using for the current Hans screwdriver’s blade has been developed with steel manufacture in the past 10 years. The SNCMVH steel has the high hardness, excellent toughness and elastic feature. The blade steel has the high coefficient of hardness to avoid the wear down and a tear. The high torque coefficient will prevent the screwdriver to fracture when the tools are overstressed. Hans screwdrivers which are made from special spring steel has the hardness coefficient 56-58HRC. In addition, Hans owns heat treatment skill and equipment to guarantee constant quality to Hans customer.

Cr-V bits steel blade has the low hardness and low torsion. Hardness: 53 degree~ 55 degree. Torque: 170~190 kg/cm
S2 bits steel blade has the high hardness and high torsion; however, it is easy to crack when people use it by over using torsion or bending it. Hardness: 57 degree~59 degree, Torsion: 190~210 kg/cm
Hans special alloy steel blade improves from Cr-V and S2 steel defect. Both of hardness or torsion are better than Cr-V steel, especially the durability and flexibility is better than S2 steel
P.S SNCMVH Hardness: 59 degree~61 degree, torsion 260~270 kg/cm

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