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Company overview

Founded in 1999, [ Risun Expanse Corporation ] specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of DC brushless micro-motors and micro-coolers. Risun's micro-vibrator , the first commercialized brushless vibration motor in the market, is capable of generating vibrations of stable-frequency, moderate intensity, and continuous ripples with low power consumptions and a long service life.

Risun places great importance on the exploration of new technology and the reliability and safety of products, which is evidenced by the winning of a local award for the industrial contribution to the magnetic technology in 2004, by the reward for the distinction of R&D in magnetic technology in 2005, and the acquirement of international patents in the field of motor-related arts.

Risun has outstanding R&D team and the most state-of -the-art production in teams of a complete operation process, strict quality control, punctual delivery, as well as competitive prices.As a specialist in the manufacturing of DC brushless micro-motor and micro-vibrators. Risun strives to take her expertise into the next level, by developing new items, offering high-quality products, and comprehensive service for customers worldwide.

Vision / Value

Our corporate spirits lie primarily in Responsibility, Innovation,Professionalism, and Enthusiasm, together with the relentless quest for Common sense,Knoeledge, and Wisdoms. Our core value originates in the industry-leading expertise of micro-motor-related arts and can add more values to varied applications.

Risun thrives to incoporate the spirits, value, and business sustainabilty into our vision: to spearhead the motor industry by tranforming the role of brushless micro-motors from an active component to passive one , making "Motor" become Risun's middle name.


patent and reward for this product
- CE verification of compliance
- ISO 9001-2000 Certificate
- Taiwan Excellence Award in 2008
- Bronze Medal Award in INST 2008
- Gold Medal Award in INST 2007
- Bronze Medal Award in INST 2007
- Golden Quality Award for Customer Satisfaction
- Golden Role Model for Outstanding Entrepreneurs
- Golden Root Award of 2006
- Accomplished Research Award of 2005
Risun Expanse Corp

Business Information

Business Type Manufacturer,Retailer,Exporter,Wholesaler
Capital 500,000 - 1,000,000
Annual Turnover UNKNOWN
Number of employee 30
CEO C. C. Huang
Products/ Services we offer Micro Motors, Brushless Micro Motor, Micro Brushless Motor, Mini Fans, Micro Blower, Micro Brushless Motor, DC Atomic Cooler, Dual Micro Blower, Cooling Fan, Brushless Vibration Motor, Brushless Dual Shaft motor, DC Cooling Fan, Single Shaft Brushless Motor, Micro Fan Blower, Single Micro Blower, Brushless Atomic Cooler, Brushless Micro Blower, Micro Vibrator Motor, Coin Type Brushless Vibration Motor, DC Cooler, DC Fan, Brushless Shaft Motor
QA/ QC Service In House
OEM Services Yes

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Contact Information

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Address 1F., No.22, Ln. 24, Sec. 1, Huanshan Rd., Neihu Dist.,Taipei City,Taiwan(TW)
Website http://www.risun.com.tw