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permanent magnet,GPS TRACKER,GPS,Quectel M35 GSM,sms/gprs/lbs gps tracker, Manufacturer and Supplier - China(CN)


ExtremTrac Technology have been endeavoring to the GPS tracking for AVL, LBS technology and security solutions, with 30 engineers and 120 workers.
We design and manufacture all types of GPS tracking and navigation systems and offer the state-of-the-art designs thus support our worldwide partners to grow and win their business in this field. We are also interested in developping any new edge-cutting devices that can never be found in the market. The most advantage is that we customize all unique requirement from worldwide customers and protect their property.
Main products are the GPS navigator, GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracking, waterproof equipment tracker, personal tracker, mobile data terminal, GPS tracking watch, etc New product designs: Watch cell phone, watch movie player, watch intercom, fingerprint security solution, wireless control and bluetooth devices, home solar power system designs, etc. We attend regularly worldwide trade shows like CeBIT, Las Vegas show, Taitronics, HK Electronic show, etc to present our edge cutting designs to the world.
ExtremTrac  Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Information

Business Type Manufacturer,Exporter
Capital 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Annual Turnover 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Number of employee 1100
CEO Bryan
Products/ Services we offer Located in Shenzhen, China, established in 2006, ExtremTrac endeavor to the wireless fleet management solution, telematics, offering the tracking services. we mainly develop: vehicle tracking for car, fleet management, personal tracking for workforce management security, assets / equipment tracking solutions. With about 50 workers, ExtremTrac develops and manufactures by ourself, hardware & firmware design, platform modification accouding to different request. We offer free tracking software for any customer, offer the intergration services for devices from the 3rd party companies. ExtremTrac can also be an OEM provider for nation-wide market, and overseas regions as well, of both hardware and software design, which support and maintain a portfolio of services offered to customers distributed worldwide ExtremTrac can be of an important partner for development of a new based & PC standalone tracking platform to market the LBS, GPS fleet and logistics management for upgrading the stability and security, asset tracking applications, and in final, for a turnkey solution construction whenever it is ready to market as soon as possible, and when time and low-investments but high reliability in R & D are of the essence for your company. The year of 2014 witnessed the remarkable cooperation in local ensurance market, with China Citic Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Yirendai (New York Stock Markt Code: YRD) etc. With a turnover of 40 million RMB. By the middle of 2015, we have 25 servers in provinces around China mainly Shenzhen. We accept any new customized request and protect our clients’ intellectual property, offering an unbeatable price structure to support partners, countries. Under the leadership of a well organized management team, and a talented R&D group that keep a good record in new project development. Production line assure a monthly 10000 units output. A strictly principled QC regulation and testing apparatus maintain the highly demanded quality. Normal lead time for vehicle tracker like ET700 is 5 days with 2000 units order, this is realized by our strategic partnership with Siemens, Quectel, GPS module suppliers like SIRF III and U-blox,MTK and our internal management solution. Certificates: ISO9001/2000.
QA/ QC Service In House
OEM Services Yes
Number of R&D staff 100

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Address 4F, Minzhi The 3rd Industrial Zone, MinBao Road, Minzhi, Longhua, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China. P.O. 518131.,Shenzhen,China(CN)
Website http://www.extremtrac.com