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We do the manufacturing and exporting of following machines from factories directly.

(1) High speed press & tooling , shaft press & tooling

(2) AC motor line


Rotor casting machine, rotor turning machine


Paper inserting machine, stator coils winding machine, stator coils insertion machine, stator coils forming machine,
stator coils lacing machine, stator testing machine, stator varnish impregnation machine

(3) DC motor line


Commutator press, paper inserting machine, armature coating machine, armature winding machine, wedge inserting machine,
armature commutator fusing machine, armature commutator turning machine, armature balancing machine, armature testing machine, armature varnish trickling machine


Paper forming and cutting machine, 2 poles stator winding machine

Brushless DC motor stator winding machine

(4)Starter line

“W”,”B” shape paper inserting machine, round/flat wire shaping machine, wire inserting machine, twisting machine, wire head cutting machine, commutator hotstacking machine, commutator turning machine

Magnetic field coils shaping machine, magnetic field coils belt wrapping machine, magnetic field coils forming machine, magnetic field coils hole making machine, magnetic field coils welding machine,Magnet sticking machine

(5)Ceiling fan line

Fan blade press, rear blade press, blades riveting press, hanging rod lathe, housing shaping machine, bearing press

Rotor casting machine, rotor turning machine

Ceiling fan paper inserting machine, ceiling fan stator winding machine, ceiling fan wedge inserting machine, ceiling fan stator testing machine

(6)Induction cooker coils line
Magnet sticking machine, sparse coils winding machine, dense coils winding machine
Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Products/ Services we offer We specialize and offer world-class armature and stator, rotor production equipment. These systems are offered as fully automated production lines or as manually stand-along machine(Machine can be easily integrated in to automated production line), We not only provide a superior motor manufacturing solution, but also we consider future planning of customer’s factory developing and production output,
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