Guangzhou Jia Er Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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We have many kind of game board and accessory for arcade machine.You can build or replace your machine with convenience way.
Our accessory product include:Joystick,Push Button,Microswitch,Speaker,Cooler Fans,Coin acceptor,Power supply,Cable Holder,Jamma Harness,PCB Feet,Track Ball,Locks,Coin Door,Converter Board and so on.
Our game board include:1940 In One,1078 In One,1072 In One,450 In One,200 In One,SNK 150 In One,138 In One,120 In One,111 In One,100 In One,48 In One,45 In One,38 In One,32 In One....
Happy Fish II-302 In one,Happy Fish I-195 In One,Blue Elf II-310 In One,Blue Elf I-108 In One,Classic 60 In One.......
Our casino Game PCB as:Red Boad Mega 7 In One,15 In One,1 In One,Coolair,Coofire,Hot Spot and so on...
Note:As every country have different policy for import tax and our price is not include import tax. Please check your local tax before buying.
Guangzhou Jia Er Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Information

Business Type Buying agent
Capital 100,000 - 500,000
Annual Turnover 100,000 - 500,000
Number of employee 5-10
CEO garry
Products/ Services we offer photolectric switch,Push button switch,Game machine fittings,Power supply,cam lock,arcade board,arcade joystick,micro switch
Target Markets Asia and the americas
Key customers Asia and the americas
QA/ QC Service In House
OEM Services Yes
Number of R&D staff 5

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Address guangzhou panyujiushuiken10,guangzhou,China(CN)
Website http://