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Powerleader Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd
  • Target Markets: China; North America;Europe;South east Asia
  • Business Type: Exporter,Wholesaler,Manufacturer
  • Established date: 1997


Established in 1997, PowerLeader Science & Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing servers, storages, computers and software products.

Being one of the most significant collaborative partners of Intel for the joint development of Intel IA network servers in China, our products are highly customized. To achieve the best quality of standard, we have used Intel CPUs, motherboards, hardware and application software as well as server management. Meanwhile, we have developed a comprehensive range of products from customized servers to application servers with specific built-in functions to operating system and application software.

In order to stay ahead in the fast-changing e-business, we provide not only first class products, but also customized industry-specific network solution services. The tailor-made service includes solution analysis and design, installation, testing and assurance, training, maintenance and after-sales support.

Our company has established 22 branches and representative offices and collaborated with 308 SACs (Sever Associate Center) in 26 major provinces and municipalities in China. Our unique "direct-selling + SACs" marketing strategy demonstrates its effectiveness in carrying out promotional activities, sales and marketing, product training and the provision of first-class after-sales services.

To enhance our R&D capability, we have also entered into strategic partnerships with Oracle on database management, Nandasoft on the development of network security, Red-Flag Linux on Linux operating platform, AsiaInfo on payment gateway systems and email servers, NEU Soft on the development of application servers and Harbin Engineering University on the development of network server technologies.

Relying on our reputation and worldwide reach, our company is striving to tap new markets as well as adopting the latest technology to better enhance the product quality.

Business Information

Business Type Exporter,Wholesaler,Manufacturer
Annual Turnover UNKNOWN
Number of employee 1000-5000
CEO Zhang Yun Xia
Products/ Services we offer PowerLeader Science & Technology Group was founded in 1997 and listed in Hong Kong GEM in 2002 years, taking the R&D, production and sales of INTEL IA architecture PowerLeader server and the corresponding solutions as the main business, as well as the online game, software development and testing, distribution of IT peripheral products as the auxiliary business. PowerLeader has ranked among the Top 3 domestic server producers and the elite enterprises of China cloud computing. The business of PowerLeader Group has covered such multiple levels of the cloud computing as MaaS, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and CaaS, providing sophisticated cloud computing products and services for the government, Internet, education, radio and television, security, finance, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, power, medical care and other industries. PowerLeader will persist in independent research and develop... For more information, please come to Visit our website: www.powerleader.com.cn Main Products: Monitoring Server, power leader minicomputer, HPC server; Cloud computing server; Rack server; Tower server; IDC
Target Markets China; North America;Europe;South east Asia
Key customers BYD; Hainan University; Xia'men University; Oil industry
QA/ QC Service In House
OEM Services Yes
Number of R&D staff 100

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Address No. 3 Guanyi Road, Powerleader Technology, Guanlan Hi-Tech Park, Longhua District,Shenzhen,China(CN)
Website http://www.powerleader.com.cn