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  • Organic reishi Mushroom powder/ extract
    Organic reishi Mushroom powder/ extract

    Description : Organic chaga powder /extract Organic reishi powder /extract Organic lion's mane powder /extract Organic cordyceps powder ?/extract ? Organic shiitake powder ?/extract ?

  • Organic Ginkgo leaf powder / extract
    Organic Ginkgo leaf powder / extract

    Description : We supply organic ginkgo leaf. our product is wild collected. and has been certified by EU and USA. it's hot sell in both US and European market. 1. Astringe the lung and relieve dyspnea: For dyspnea and cough, usually used together with Herba Ephedrae, S

  • Organic Goji berry powder
    Organic Goji berry powder

    Description : 1. Our highly concentrated wolfberry (Goji) powder is a potent source of polysaccharides, beta-carotene, and other nutrients that can improve overall body performance, strengthen the immune system, provide antioxidant benefits, and help maintain healthy vi

  • organic cumin
    organic cumin

    Description : certified organic cumin, with NOP, EEC, JAS certificates.

  • Organic goji berry
    Organic goji berry

    Description : we have the five specifications of wolfberry as followings; 250pcs/50g, 280pcs/50g, 300pcs/50g, 360pcs/50g, 500pcs/50g. Our organic goji berry has been certified by EU and USA. Wolfberry contains 18 amino acids including all eight essential amino acids, 21

  • Organic Black fungus
    Organic Black fungus

    Description : Auricular, resembling a human ear in size and shape, grows in groves of trees, on logs or dead branches. The mushroom is soft when fresh and hard when dry. It is pale brown in color. And as it gets older, the color goes black and hard. The name Judass Ear