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  • Squeegee Holder
    Squeegee Holder

    Description : squeegee holder, Material: Aluminum, it is used to fix the squeegee for silk screen printing machine in the PCB industry. The Length can be customized as per requirements.

  • Blue Sponge Rollers
    Blue Sponge Rollers

    Description : Blue sponge Rollers, Material: PVA, it has a very good performance of water absorption. And used for cleaning of Tennis Court or Gymnasium. Size can be customized as per required spec.?

  • Teflon Heaters
    Teflon Heaters

    Description : Teflon Heaters, Material: S.S.+Teflon, it is widely used to warm up the chemical solution in PCB industry and so on. it has a good performance of corrosion resistance. It can be customized as per drawings or requirements.

  • Dust free rollers
    Dust free rollers

    Description : It is made by silicon and some pivotal materials. It is a self-adhesive dust-removing product. Its surface is smooth like mirror. Widely used to remove dust, hair, scurf, and some other particles in PCB,LCD and Printing industry. And is very easy to transf

  • Plating Hanging
    Plating Hanging

    Description : Plating hangings used in electroplating of hardware industry or other industry. Hanging hardware into tank for electroplating. It has the performance of corrosion resistance because of wrapped plastic.

  • PCB Plating Clamps
    PCB Plating Clamps

    Description : PCB clamping sticks used to clamp PCB into tanks for electroplating. used in Auto-plating line of pcb industry. It has the performance of corrosion resistance because of wrapped plastic.

  • Nylon Abrasive Brush
    Nylon Abrasive Brush

    Description : Nylon Abrasive Brush used in cleaning of pcb industry or Glass Industry. Mainly used to deburr and polish. It has the performance of corrosion resistance.

  • Water Filter Element
    Water Filter Element

    Description : Water fitler element includes: String wound filter, Activated Carbon Filter,Melt Blown filter(P.P). ,ceramic filter. Mainly used to purify water and solution. widely used in pcb industry.

  • PVA Sponge rollers
    PVA Sponge rollers

    Description : Sponge roller includes: PVC, PVA, PU, PO, PP. Mainly used in Cleaning of PCB industry or Glass Industry. It has the performance of corrosion resistance.

  • Exposure Machine Glass
    Exposure Machine Glass

    Description : widely used in Exposure machine of PCB industry, with the feature of high strength, no scratching and high UV-light transmission. Customized as per machine Model NO. or drawing