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  • Admiral ASU Series
    Admiral ASU Series

    Description : Melt-On-Demond Teflon coated tank to reduce char buildup Easy access to key system compaonents with meet international design and safty standard PID temperature cintrol with PT100 sensor accuracy to minimize adhesive degradation and reduce maintenance

  • Hot melt adhesive equipment
    Hot melt adhesive equipment

    Description : ▲ Independent Temperature Control For Each Zone ▲ High/Low Alarm For Each Zone ▲ Digital Line Speed Tracking ▲ Circulating-Tank

  • TechAdheison PUR Drum Unloader
    TechAdheison PUR Drum Unloader

    Description : Main Feature Digital Temperature Settings and Display Low Cost High Performance Melting High Volume Delivery Heavy Duty Rugged Construction Dispensing of Low to High Viscosity Materials (P.I.D.) Temperature Controls Panel Mounted LED Diagnostic Disp

  • TechAdhesion lamination machine
    TechAdhesion lamination machine

    Description : High speed , high efficiency for laminating

  •  Enlarge Tension Control Device (KTF) for diaper production line  Tension Control Device (KTF) for diaper production line
     Enlarge Tension Control Device (KTF) for diaper production line  Tension Control Device (KTF) for diaper production line

    Description : Power Consumption: Max. 300 W ◆ Feeding Speed, Max. 2500 m/mim ◆ Tension, programmable Tension 0.5 gr to 99.5 gr ◆ Standard system has 4 spindles. ◆ The tension controller (KTF) can be installed separately. ◆ Tension meter for the production manage

  • PUR Coating Machine
    PUR Coating Machine

    Description : Exclusive cleaner supply, the external seal protection when turn off the machine Three designs to meet the customers different output requirments. ?For bag-pack ?Drum-feeder (5gallon) ?Drum loader (above 5gallon) Patent PLC airproof application autocontr

  • TechAdheison hot melt hose
    TechAdheison hot melt hose

    Description : coated “Teflon”, keep warm and avoid adhibit, improve the adhesive’s fluid ID o 7.9 mm, support 1400PL inner press,304 stainless steel reinforce layer TA supply the length of 4-40 inch hose to choose AMP plug, platinum & pure sliver insert needle, p

  • TechAdhesion Stacker
    TechAdhesion Stacker

    Description : High speed, up to 45-50 pack/min, For baby diaper, adult diaper,sanitary napkin

  • Hot Melt Applicator/Head
    Hot Melt Applicator/Head

    Description : Supply 1~6 module, the width of head 30~154 mm are available Widely used in the packing industry Bead nozzle size from dia. 0.2 to 1.5 mm Single, dual, up to 6 orifices, standard and extended nozzle

  • TAM Hot Melt Applicator
    TAM Hot Melt Applicator

    Description : No Clogging & No Dropping Once Cleaning Cycle 12-16 weeks Much More Easily For Cleaning And Mainten Much More Easily For Cleaning And Maintenance