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  • Metal Coloring Machine
    Metal Coloring Machine

    Description : Metal Coloring Machine Parameters: Model: EC-A Work piece size: 400*600mm Coloring: 20-40S

  • Huge Screen Printing Machine
    Huge Screen Printing Machine

    Description : Huge screen printing machine Parameters: Model: ZC-SP Screen Printing Size: 1×2m-1.5×3.6m (Can order) Screen Printing Size: 1219×3048mm Out Size: Horizontal 4200×3300×1400mm Vertical 7800×1300×1400mm Screen Printing Rate: 0-20m/min Power syste

  • Roll to roll Exposure machine
    Roll to roll Exposure machine

    Description : Roll to roll Exposure machine Parameters: Model: RB500 Power: 220V/30A Transfer Speed: 0 to 3m/min Width: 25 to 500mm Reel Inner diameter: 250mm Reel Out diameter: 700mm Exposure Tolerance: /-0.01mm Repeat Tolerance: /-0.01mm work Thickness: 0.05 to 0.

  • CNC Engraving Machine
    CNC Engraving Machine

    Description : Mould/die CNC Engraving Machine Parameters: Model: DB5060 Working Travel on: 600*600*200mm Work size: 500*600mm Table size: 660*660mm Carrying capacity: 200kg Spindle motor: Made in CHINA or JAPAN or Switzerland Spindle motor power: 3KW Spindle Spe

  • Waste air treatment equipments
    Waste air treatment equipments

    Description : Waste air treatment equipments Waste air treatment equipments(Order as need) Industrial Waste Air Treatment System for photochemical etching Industry,etc. Stable, Durable, High Efficiency.

  • Drying line
    Drying line

    Description : Drying line Parameters: Working width: 650mm Baking length: 6000mm Enter height: 0 - 8mm Temperature: 0 - 150℃ Transfer speed: 0 - 6m/min Drying type: Hot Air Functions: Baking line for Ink drying after screen-printing to fit the big production quantity

  • Developing machine
    Developing machine

    Description : Developing machine Parameters Model: XY-2S600 Power 380V/50HZ Working width: 600mm(length not limit) Functions: Photoresist doulbe-sided Developing machine for drying mask, photosensitive ink, photoresist or photosensitive materials developing uses.

  • Copy - Hairline Finishing Machine
    Copy - Hairline Finishing Machine

    Description : Hairline Finishing Machine Parameters: Model: HL410 Power: 380V/50Hz Working size: 1250*2500 (Can order) Working length: not limit

  • Auto Roll to roll Photochemical etching machine
    Auto Roll to roll Photochemical etching machine

    Description : Auto Roll to roll Photochemical etching machine Parameters: Model: RS500 Power: 380V/50Hz Transfer Speed: 0 to 8m/min Working Area: (25 to 500)*8000mm Temperature: < 65℃ Reel Inner diameter: 250mm Reel Out diameter: 700mm Machining thickness: 0.05 to 0.2

  • Double Clemical Etching Machine
    Double Clemical Etching Machine

    Description : Photo Clemical Double Etching Machine Parameters: Model: KK-2S600 Working width: 600mm (length not limit) Gross power rating: 380V/4.5KW Work temperature: