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  • Diffuse Silicon Pressure Transmitter
    Diffuse Silicon Pressure Transmitter

    Description : Description: Diffuse Silicon pressure transducer is standard and most popular transmitter applied in air and liquid pressure measuring. A high sensitivity silicon pressure chip is employed in the sensor. Through the high reliability of amplifying circuit

  • Hydraulic hand pressure test pump
    Hydraulic hand pressure test pump

    Description : Pressure pump is a portable handheld pressure pump. Instruments for testing various types of pressure calibration instrumentation and control room on-site installation of industrial processes used. Pressure source is also available for the pressure measure

  • Electric contact pressure gauge
    Electric contact pressure gauge

    Description : Description: YX Electric contact pressure gauge is mainly used for controlling pressure and alarming in automatic process industry. When measured pressure reaches rated value, it can output signals

  • Three way valve manifold
    Three way valve manifold

    Description : 1. Forged Body 2. Metal-to-Metal Seal, Harden treatment to prevent high temp 3. Flat Plate stable bolt are feasible. 4. Swivel needle type valve

  • Tuning fork density meter
    Tuning fork density meter

    Description : 1.Using high precision measuring density, is mainly used in power plant. 2.Can not be affected by temperature, pressure and flow rate , the factor affecting measuring error Is less.

  • Pen type ph meter
    Pen type ph meter

    Description : Parameters: Measuring Range 0.0 - 14.0 pH Resolution 0.1 pH Accuracy +/- 0.1 pH Calibration 1 points Plug BNC Fixed Electrode Battery Life: DC 4 x 1.5V Environment 0 to 5oC (32 to 122oF); RH 100% Packaging : Plastic box Size 150 x 29 x 15 mm

  • Pressure reducing valve
    Pressure reducing valve

    Description : Description This series of pressure relief valve is a direct action type membrane spring pressure reducing valve. Mainly consists of adjustment spring, diaphragm, piston, valve seat, valve flap and other parts. Using the diaphragm directly sense the downs

  • YS dead weight tester
    YS dead weight tester

    Description : Purpose YS-6 Deadweight Tester. Pressure Range 5.8 - 87psi. Accuracy: 0.05% or 0.020% of reading. YS-60 Deadweight Tester. Pressure Range 14.5 - 870 psi. Accuracy: 0.05% or 0.020% of reading. YS600 Deadweight Tester. Pressure Range 145 - 8700 psi. Accuracy

  • Back Pressure regulator
    Back Pressure regulator

    Price : $220 USD

    Description : Basic parameters Max inlet pressure: 10000psigg Outlet pressure: 0~500,0~1500,0~3000,0~6000 psigg Safety testing pressure: 1.5 times of maximum inlet pressure Working temperature: -40℉~+445℉(-40℃~+230℃) Leakage rate: Bubble test CV value: 0.08 We

  • analog pressure sensor
    analog pressure sensor

    Description : Low cost gauge smart pressure transmitter price is widely used in a variety of industrial automation environment, involving water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent building, production control, aerospace, military, petrochemic