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  • Gabion Box
    Gabion Box

    Description : The Advantages of Gabion Box: Gabion Box have the following positive advantages: 1, Cost effective & environmentally friendly alternative to concrete system. 2, The Gabion structure blends easily and harmoniously with natural surroundings. 3, Simple & spee

  • Window Screen Series
    Window Screen Series

    Description : Usage: With light weight, good flexibility and easy cleaning, window screen netting is mainly used in hotels, public buildings, civil residences against bugs, insects, etc. Material: Mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, Al-mg alloy wire, galvanized iron

  • Galvanized Iron Wire
    Galvanized Iron Wire

    Description : TengYuan can manufacture different kinds of galvanized iron wire according to customer’s specific requirements.To control the cost and ensure the quality, TengYuan purchase large quantity of the raw material – wire rod everytime from Hebei Province Iron &

  • PVC Coated Iron Wire
    PVC Coated Iron Wire

    Description : PVC Coated Iron Wire is mainly used in the production of the chain link fence for industrial security fences, freeway and airport fences, park and zoo fences, animal breeding fences, and stadium fences. It is also used in other applications such as coat ha

  • Ss Wire Mesh
    Ss Wire Mesh

    Description : TengYuan is experienced in producing stainless steel woven wire mesh and stainless steel woven wire cloth products.We manufacture the good quality and the complete range of stainless steel wire mesh. TengYuan pay close attention to the up-to-date informati

  • Perforated Mesh
    Perforated Mesh

    Description : 1. Same direction of continuous cutting: Using rectangular mesh mold overlap processing, can carry on the processing of long hole, trimming, etc; 2. Progressive forming: The molding than mesh size large processing way; 3. Nibble: Using a small circul

  • Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire
    Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire

    Description : Barbed wire Barbed wire, also known as barb wire less often, bob wire or, in the southeastern United States, bobbed wire), is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand(s). It is used to const

  • Temporary Fence
    Temporary Fence

    Description : 1. Material: Iron, Stainless steel 2. Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Hot-dip galvanized, Galfan coated, PVC coated, Electrostatic polyester coated, PVC painting, Powder coated 3. Wire Mesh Type: Welded wire mesh, Chain link wire mesh 4. Application:

  • Razor Barbed Wire
    Razor Barbed Wire

    Description : Razor wire is widely used in high-grade residence district, warehouses, prisons and in military fields and other sites requiring severe fencing and security. Razor wire can be classified into straight type razor wire, concertina coils, crossed type and fla

  • Welded Wire Mesh
    Welded Wire Mesh

    Description : 1, Material Quality: We purchase the best low carbon wire rod or stainless steel wire rod raw material available inChina, then we draw them into the proper wire thickness and galvanized according to our needs. we also have very strict quality requirement